The Pan-African Council (PAC) is an independent, professional leadership organization composed of a passionate and visionary network of prominent pan-Africanists who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields of entrepreneurship, government, commerce, sciences and engineering, media, academia, culture, among others. PAC serves as an umbrella organization dedicated to fostering cooperation and bridging the Diaspora divide among Africans and people of African descent by developing resilient political, cultural, educational, and commercial partnerships.

Members of the Council are leading pan-Africanists from across the world that leverage their collective influence, resources and experiences to elevate Africa’s significance on the world stage and address important issues affecting the lives of Africans and people of African descent across the globe. To this end, the Council necessarily operates at local, national, regional and international levels.The Council also serves as a substantive bridge builder for the historic African Diaspora seeking to work together with their continental brothers and sisters to dispel the stories that have kept African people apart.

PAC carries out its mission by providing a centralized platform for networking, exchanging ideas, lobbying, conferencing, mobilizing actions, and volunteering.

Building African Resilience