Pro-Africa Defined

Pan-African Pro-Africa Flag

Pan-African Council members pledge to a pro-Africa stance by devoting themselves to the undermentioned commitments and the betterment of African lives whether on the continent or throughout the Diaspora. Furthermore, members equally align with the Constitutive Act of the African Union that declares the African Diaspora as those “willing to contribute to the development of the continent and the building of the African Union.”

Pro-Africa Commitments

Council members share a profound affinity for their African heritage and work to restore the dignity of African peoples worldwide by pledging to support and defend the following eight (8) commitments of the Pan-African Council:

  • Stand by the principles of the Pan-African ideals our ancestors fought for; honor the success of Africans both on the continent and abroad

  • Foster unity, solidarity and a common destiny among Africans and the Diaspora while respecting our diversity and plurality

  • Work for the liberation, freedom, dignity and self-determination African peoples across the globe

  • Nurture an environment of cooperative economics, regional integration, collective work and social responsibility

  • Leverage Africa’s human talent, capital and natural resources for the benefit of the Continent’s development

  • Promote and adhere to the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability

  • Make people and planet the highest priority while cultivating peace, security, stability and a respect for human rights

  • Become a proactive agent in articulating a vision for the whole of Africa and her Diaspora