Driving Change

The Council’s Ambassadors and Honorary Members inform the Board of Directors by tailoring and implementing initiatives, programs and events worldwide.

Norbert Haguma
Norbert HagumaEntrepreneur / Africa-China Relations Expert
Co-Founder, AfricaGen

Norbert is a Rwandan national and entrepreneur based in Kigali. He has accumulated 10+ years’ experience in strategic cooperation between the African continent and China, working with prestigious institutions such as China Development Bank, EXIM Bank and a number of national governments and Chambers of Commerce. He currently heads AfricaGen, an organization that seeks to galvanize 1 million young Africans into formulating and implementing plans of action that align with the hopes and aspirations of the African people.

Previously, he co-founded YAPS (Young African Professionals and Students) the largest pan-African association in Asia; co-founded Vingu – a desktop virtualization company, and co-founder and CEO of Kiziga.com – a tech company specializing in education and technology transfer. He is also the representative of African Leadership Network in China. Norbert speaks 6 languages including Kinyarwanda, Swahili, Mandarin, French and English.

Kristen Hopkins
Kristen HopkinsSocial Entrepreneur / Professional Speaker / Author
CEO, Dangers Of The Mind

Kristen Hopkins is an international social entrepreneur dedicated to the holistic development of youth and young adults. As the Founder and CEO of Dangers Of The Mind, LLC, Kristen has developed and implemented Social-Emotional culturally responsive resources in schools, Non-Profit Organizations and has brought her teachings to Haiti and Ghana. In 2016 Kristen became a recipient of the “30 Under 30 Award for Women of Excellence in Leadership”. Ms. Hopkins is a esteemed author of multiple books, a curriculum and intervention kit for In-School Suspension and youth dentention centers. As a result she has established a lifestyle brand, via virtual coaching, a clothing line and brand ambassadors that embody the DOM movement. Kristen looks to continue this work and be the voice of responsive resources for our disadvantage youth of this generation and beyond.

Kumi Rauf
Kumi RaufEntrepreneur / Motivational Speaker
Founder, Traveling Black + I Love Being Black

As the Creator of the I Love Being Black Cultural Movement and Apparel Line, Kumi Rauf believes in lifting as he climbs and giving back to the community by motivating others in attaining their life goals. He is an accomplished social media strategist, taking the “I Love Being Black” Facebook Fan-page from zero to over 6 million “Likes”, becoming the largest Black​-owned Facebook Fan-page in the world, edging out BET for the top spot.

Kumi is an award​-winning businessman with several recognitions under his belt, including being an officer and chair for the National Society of Black Engineers; a recipient of the Urban League Top 40 Under 40 award; awarded most successful app developer by Novacoast; and collegiate track and field athlete. He has shared his knowledge and experience with a diverse mix of audiences via radio appearances, one​on​one seminars, conferences and more.

Gilson Lubin
Gilson LubinComedian / TV Personality / Community Leader
St. Lucia / Canada

Carving out a name for himself on the comedy circuit, the Caribbean-born, Toronto-bred comedian is known for his versatility with audiences, signature laid-back delivery and above all delivering to rave reviews. Whether sharing the stage with top names in the comedy game or headlining across North America and the Caribbean, the natural storyteller has peppered lavishes in social commentary just as effortlessly when the times right. Gilson has also worked as MTV host/personality/writer and has appeared on Spike TV, HBO, CBC, the Comedy Network, Comedy Central and many more.

Gilson dedicates his time to inspiring and invigorating inner-city youth and Caribbean young people through the arts and mentoring the creative process of writing and storytelling.

Monalisa Molefe
Monalisa MolefeEntrepreneur / Brand Leader
Managing Director, Artform Factory
South Africa

Monalisa is the owner and Managing Director of Artform Factory & Artform Factory Sports a comprehensive luxury custom framing business based in Johannesburg Strijdom Park. Artform Factory specializes in framing and preservation of high-end art pieces, sports memorabilia, mirrors, photos and abstract wall decor. Monalisa is a branding enthusiast, having attained her Brand Building and Management qualifications at Vega School of Brand leadership. She is currently focused on brand communication for International Luxury brands within South African Market by maintaining brand relevance to the high-end African Market.

Monalisa is dedicated to conducting business with a purpose and believes in achieving economic development through education and contributing to skills development and community empowerment.

Idahosa Ness
Idahosa NessLinguist / Musician / Entrepreneur
Founder, The Mimic Method
Nigeria / USA

Idahosa Ness is an American-born educator, public speaker and entrepreneur of Nigerian heritage. His online language-learning methodology called The Mimic Method has been featured on renown publications such as the BBC, Wellness Mama and Fluent in 3 Months, among others.

Idahosa is committed to breaking down the linguistic boundaries that separate African peoples of the Diaspora. As a speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and Chinese (Mandarin), among others.

Nengumbi Celestin
Nengumbi CelestinHuman Rights Activist / Educator
Founder, IARPIDI
D.R. Congo / Argentina

Nengumbi Celestin Sukama was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo and resides in Argentina where he founded IARPIDI (The Argentine Institute for Equality, Diversity, and Integration); an organization that strives to promote equal rights, the principle of non-discrimination, the promotion of ethnic and cultural diversity with the aim of improving the process and the possibilities of integration and integration of refugees, Africans and Afro-descendants in Argentine society.

Nengumbi possesses a background in business administration and is a passionate writer and human rights activist. Nengumbi speaks Lingala, English, French and Spanish.

John Clarke
John ClarkeInternational Executive
President, Avantgarde International LLC
Cuba / USA

John Clarke is an international cooperation and economic development expert. He has lived in both Europe and Latin America as a U.S. diplomat and academic. He has extensive experience organizing delegation visits for U.S. political officials, writing papers on economic and political risk in Latin America, and managing outreach with foreign government officials and economic actors.

Mr. Clarke is a magna cum laude graduate of Morehouse College, where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa. He holds a Master’s Degree from Johns Hopkins University where he studied International Economics. Mr. Clarke currently serves on the Maryland Governor’s Commission of Caribbean Affairs and was assigned to the Education and Workforce Committee.

His passion to serve people of African descent drove him to establish Avantgarde International LLC, a firm dedicated to economic empowerment through community-driven development and entrepreneurship.

Kamille Brown M.D.
Kamille Brown M.D.Medical Doctor
Caribbean / USA

Kamille is an Atlanta-based physician of Caribbean descent. While studying at Morehouse School of Medicine and NYU school of medicine she served clinics in Kenya, Ghana and Honduras.

Through her experiences in both urban and suburban American communities as well as her time spent overseas, her interests lie in increasing access to top quality healthcare for children especially from underserved communities around the globe.

Kamille is a strong advocate of affordable health services as a human right and champions efforts to empower health workers and local communities throughout Africa and the Caribbean.

Didi Kpelly
Didi KpellyEntrepreneur
International Trade Expert
Togo / Ghana / Canada

Didi is a passionate entrepreneur and has dedicated great efforts to the ongoing socioeconomic development of his motherland, Africa. His main areas of business are agribusiness, private equity models for SME‘s, commerce and import/export.

He is currently working on his next venture, an agri-products trading company based in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) and source products from local producers in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana for export to Canada as a stepping stone to the world. His philosophy of life can be summed up in the words of Nelson Mandela, African leader and Pan-Africanist: “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Didi speaks Ewe, French, English and Mandarin.

Abidemi Tairu
Abidemi TairuEconomist / Researcher
PAC Strategic Adviser
Nigeria / Canada

Abidemi Tairu is a dual Canadian and Nigerian citizen. She obtained her Master‘s Degree in International Economics at Florida Atlantic University, while working as a research assistant at the University of Florida Agricultural Economics Department.

Abidemi provides critical research, strategic analysis and policy advice to the Council which seeks to identify major drivers and barriers to economic development across the globe.

Her passion is to seek sustainable methods of economic growth to reduce inequality and scarcity in African countries.

Chevy Eugene
Chevy EugenePAC Caribbean
Scholar & Filmmaker
Caribbean Region

Chevy is an “artivist” – a dedicated community worker, a filmmaker and the founder of the Caribbean Creative Arts Alliance (CCAA). CCAA is an online movement that uses the creative arts to establish and implement innovative methods to advance the ideology of Caribbean integration, through the diverse cultures of the Caribbean and its diapsoras.

In 2015, Chevy represented the Caribbean in the Fellowship Progamme for People of African Descent, at the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland. Upon completing the Fellowship, he has worked with the UN in various capacities. Currently, Chevy is a PhD student at York University, Toronto, Canada in the Social and Political Thought (SPTH) program. His research focuses on the creative arts as key instrument in the advocacy for Caribbean Reparations. Drawing on the intersections of postcolonial theory and theories of Black radicalism, his research explores various forms of political, cultural, legal and economic based drives geared towards advocacy for Caribbean reparations.

Kur Kur
Kur KurCongressional Aide / Peace Advocate
New Sudan Vision
South Sudan / USA

Kur was born in South Sudan where he fled the civil war in 1987 and grew up in East African refugee camps until coming to the United States in 2001. Kur works as a diplomatic aide on Capitol Hill and is a keen advocate for human rights and human dignity.

He has indomitable passion for working with people from various walks of life to create viable opportunities and make meaningful futures for themselves and their communities.

Trevor David
Trevor DavidEntrepreneur / Real Estate Developer
Developer, African-Centered Tourism
Grenada / Canada

Trevor David is a former advertising executive turned social entrepreneur and business man of Carriacouan-Grenadian descent. Over the past 15 years Mr. David has been primarily involved with Caribbean real estate marketing & resort development as well as African-centered cultural tourism development projects in the city of Toronto.

He has been involved with a variety of Toronto-based community economic development organizations seeking to address systemic and structural poverty and economic marginalization in urban communities across the Greater Toronto Area. He leverages his strong business acumen and passion for social and economic justice to build bridges within and outside global African communities

Eric Tentlo
Eric TentloCEO / Entrepreneur
CEO, Electro-Shop Gabon

Eric Tentlo is an entrepreneur, mentor, and marketing professional of Gabonese origin. He has spearheaded social media, branding and messaging campaigns on behalf of the Pan-African Council to reach audiences across the African continent.

Eric is also the owner Electro-Shop, an electronic product supplier to Gabon and the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC), and had previously founded Allo CanadaTM, a phone company dedicated to serving Canadian customers with cheap long-distance call services for both Canada and abroad. Eric is bilingual in French and English.

Rogério Siqueira
Rogério SiqueiraPolitician / Broadcaster / Activist
PAC Brazil Ambassador

Rogério Siqueira is a politician, broadcaster, journalist, cultural producer and human rights activist. He holds extensive experience in public relations and developing political platforms, having worked both in the cities of Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Rogério began his career in radio programming on Band FM Radio in the city of Campos-RJ. At age 21 he quickly ascended to the role of press manager for the Legislative Assembly of the State of Rio de Janeiro (ALERJ), where he stayed for seven years, there he divided his time in managing Public Relations and parliamentary activities. At ALERJ, he divided his time between managing public relations and parliamentary activities, while assisting parliamentarians in large projects such as: the Special Commission for the Legacy of Sports Mega-Events (2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, 2016 Olympic Games, Military World Games and Paralympic Games), Public Hearing Debate on combating crack/cocaine consumption, Parliamentary Committee on Survey (CPI) of the Rio Mountain Region Tragedy, State Budget Commission, among others.

In 2019 Rogério took office as the Superintendent of Racial Equality in Campos. As Ambassador of the Pan-African Council to Brazil since that same year, he spearheaded support for the entrepreneurial initiatives of Afro-Brazilians with the aim of empowering communities socioeconomically and generating business for Brazil’s Black population. Rogério has also successfully negotiated a bilateral agreement between the Angolan Government and Brazil’s UENF University in an unprecedented student exchange programme for people of African descent to start in 2020. The programme is currently expanding its reach to Colombian and Caribbean universities.