The Council supports and sponsors the following programs and activities:


The PAC engages in two separate lines of activity in order to achieve its singular mission and vision, namely, policy advocacy and the economic empowerment.

Policy Advocacy

On the issue of policy advocacy, the PAC actively lobbies both national governments and regional institutions as well as other multilateral organizations to adopt and implement well-considered socio-economic development, political and economic governance policies and strategies which improve living standards directly.

Some of the issues addressed by the PAC in consultation with African governments and other stakeholders include:

  • Food Security
  • Energy Independence
  • Sustainability and Natural Resource Management
  • Health
  • Education
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Geopolitics
  • Diaspora Engagement

Economic Empowerment

The PAC promotes sustainable business ventures and investments within Africa and regions of the Diaspora, while serving as a neutral, trusted intermediary connecting its member firms with the essential government and business leaders they need to succeed.

PAC Expert Network
The Pan-African Council’s Expert Network serves as an information brokerage and expert connection service that offers access to a proprietary network of subject matter experts in African and global markets to companies and investors seeking real-time, granular business insights.

Access to Capital
Securing the requisite funding and expertise for projects and programs that can further this objective and ensuring that these projects and programs are implemented for the best possible effect.

Business and Entrepreneurial Development
In recent years, Africa has been redefining its place in the global economy. It is doing so in an age of unprecedented growth in scientific and technical knowledge. Unlike its predecessors who had to make do with limited technical knowledge, Africa’s challenge is how to manage abundance. African countries are as diverse in culture as they are differentiated in their political heritage. Most of them are historically been associated with natural resources and raw materials. Most of the economies have either stagnated or decline. A few have prospered but their lessons are not easy to extend to others. There is growing recognition, however, that Africa can only strengthen its economic performance through considerable investment and use of new knowledge.

PAC believes that Africa’s future success depends upon the ability of its entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, investors and business people to create prosperity.

PAC Business and Entrepreneurial programs are designed to bring together potential business partners and raise Africa’s investment profile in the world by developing critical contacts and business relationships and providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas.

Other Programs

Leadership Development and Networking

Introducing members to a variety of key business, social, political, cultural and academic leaders and creating mentorship relationships is the aim of PAC’s leadership development program.

This program encourages young Africanist across the world to collaborate and participate in leadership and skill-building activities, meetings, forums for the exchange of ideas, experiences and to explore synergic collaborations in various areas to create lifelong relationships that will benefit their communities.

Marketing Africa / Cultural Ambassadorship

Shadowed in mystery and misunderstanding, the mainstream media has often portrayed Africa and African groups in a negative light. The aim of our “Marketing Africa” program is to present Africa and its diaspora positively without ignoring her challenges.

In the interest of African affairs, we aim to have an inter-continental agenda that creates awareness about Africa’s development goals within the Pan African context while addressing economic, social, political, academic and entrepreneurial issues affecting African communities, thus giving Africa a fresh perspective in the marketing and re-branding of Africa.

Cultural Events

PAC will host events that will, enlighten members and deepen knowledge about Pan-African relations in the process expose members to key stakeholders with the ultimate objective of promoting all African dimensions (Brand Africa).

Through PAC events, we strive to empower communities by providing opportunities for networking, encouraging outreach and educational achievement all with the aim of advancement for the African continent and people of African descent across the globe.