The Pan-African Council (PAC) is an independent, professional leadership organization composed of a visionary network of prominent pan-Africanists who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in their respective fields of government, entrepreneurship, commerce, sciences and engineering, media, academia, culture, among others. PAC is an umbrella organization dedicated to fostering cooperation and solidarity among Africa and her global Diaspora by advancing resilient political economic, and social development.


The Council supports and sponsors programs and activities that develop visionary, social-conscious leadership. More specifically, PAC engages in two separate lines of activity in order to achieve its singular mission and vision, namely, policy advocacy and the economic empowerment.
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Professional membership in the Pan-African Council is open to Africans and people of African descent throughout the world. Accepted members are individuals who have demonstrated leadership in their respective fields, are active in the positive development of Africa and/or their local communities, and are willing to commit their time, resources and expertise in the promotion of the Pan-African Council’s goals and programs.
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PAC’s news and perspective sections are a community-powered, collaborative journalism forum which draws content from its users and syndicated content from mainstream sources.

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Pan-African Council Member Organizations

Recent News

The Council’s latest news and developments from around the globe.

Pan-African Council Brazil

New Office: Pan-African Council Brazil

The Pan-African Council announces a new office location in Sao Paulo, Brazil (located at Rua Frei Caneca 1407 - 311, Consolação, São Paulo) in partnership with Ebony English in order to provide resources and better serve the Afro-Brazilian…
African Union Diaspora Workshop
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2nd Continental Workshop for Diaspora Focal Points of the African Union

The Pan-African Council has been invited to consult the African Union at the 2nd Diaspora Focal Points Workshop organized on the back of the Consultative Act of the African Union regarding the African Diaspora.

Haiti Correspondents - PetroCaribe Protests

Pan-African Council correspondent to Haiti, Mr. Peterson Saint Jean reports on the latest developments in the capital city of Port-au-Prince as the country mobilizes itself to hold its leadership accountable for the alleged embezzlement of billions…